Fujiya Ryokan



The time of peace of mind and relaxation

\'Fujiya Ryokan\' is the Hot-spring Ryokan located in the quiet environment and the slightly separated place for about two minutes by the car from the Azumaya. The rate is very reasonable, too and it is recommended for the business trip of the businessman, the backpack, the traveling alone of the woman, the long term of the staying, the hot spring cure. Please heal the fatigue of the trip relaxedly in the bath. The staying visitors can use the bath and the facilities of both Azumaya and Fujiya Ryokan.

Facilities in the hall and service information

We can manage \'one more drink\' and \'one more sing\' after the party from the space where you will feel relieved and that will heal the tiredness caused by the travel with the seating capacity of 90 people and the 20 rooms.The each full facilities will make your trip more fun.

Dining〜Party of comfortable taste

The more you drink and taste, the party is in full swing. You will keep time by clapping with your close friends by the dish of the land coloring the four seasons and the alcohol of the land.The night of abundant and brilliant continue.

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We hear the contact by the contact form or the telephone. In addition, please contact us by the telephone directly, when you are urgent.

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Fujiya Ryokan is located in Kawasaki, Kaminoyama-city, yamagata prefecture.The means of traffic is as follows.If you have any questions, please contact us willingly.